Moth on…..Shamone, HEE HEE!

Mid summer, the mercury vapour lamp illuminates the garden, moths are drawn to this false moon that I’ve provided and fill the trap to the brim. Don’t worry none are harmed.

As day breaks I shall feed the birds, chickens, ducks and geese. while I’am doing this the moths will settle down in their egg box shelters and remain inactive for me.

Privet Hawk-moth (David Green)_1

To catch one of these beauty’s ( Privet Hawk Moth) is a very strong possibility. As impressive as the larger species are my real joy and satisfaction comes from the Micro Moths, some only as big as a pin head. Although most, if not all are common and well distributed throughout the British Isles, they are new to me.

I’am only 45 mins away from getting out there, I know for a fact there will be at least one in there that will take my breath.

I’am just off to put the kettle on for a brew.

Bis gleich.

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