Never lose the Elephant.

If you want to watch Pixies crapping on your lawn never lose the Elephant, the Elephant of surprise. History tells us that without a shadow of Trout this is one of the most crucial aspects in gaining World domination.

A few days ago America lost the Elephant and now it’s up to DT and his Storm Trumpers to stop Pixies, black or white, slanty eye’s or the furry hat variety from crapping on the lawn of Democracy.

What ever you get up to today, don’t be tempted to put a Poodle on your head and think you can get away with anything. Take care.


Categories: Burning the Midnight Oil


I'm a disabled ex-Soldier, just entering my Autumn years. I write purely out of enjoyment about anything and everything. My main interests are Nature, especially birds and history. I enjoy reading, fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter, any genre pleases me.

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