Saturday! Saturday! For those about to Bock.

Sat here peering over the laptop screen at the grey dank sky and the immaculate lawns and garden. Yesterday, yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, mind started drifting a bit there, I spent 3 hours in glorious currant mulching leaves and generally faffing about prepping the gaff for Winter. Loved it I did, hang on, I can feel a bit of Benny off Crossroads coming on, quick, where’s my bobbler.

Clement has just walked across the path, he’s one of my several Waggy Hens. Back to the task in hand, concentrate, oh look, there’s Danny Dunnock. Tonight a’r Jacks off out with her good friend Sarah, that means I can enjoy a lads night in with my young Bro, see if I can drink him under the table.

We shall start the evening off with a light hearted chat about things in general then pause for our Home made Beef Madras and Bombay potatoe accompaniment. Once our hungers have been satisfied we shall continue the sesh, no doubt turning the music up to full bollock.

It seems strange having nowt to do in the garden, let every one settle in for the Winter, I’ve got to keep off this coputer as well, all this button bodging is distracting me from the more important aspects of life, such as perfecting my Tommy Cooper impression.

Whatever you get up to this Weekend, enjoy it and keep well. Christ man, I nearly put Nanoo Nanoo, Bis Gleich.

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I'm a disabled ex-Soldier, just entering my Autumn years. I write purely out of enjoyment about anything and everything. My main interests are Nature, especially birds and history. I enjoy reading, fiction or non-fiction, it doesn't matter, any genre pleases me.

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